Lion King itself is one hell of a Franchise plus Beyonce could mean one thing. Out of the blue came the most anticipated album in history that has gotten its melody rocking with harmony and its beats align with a rhythm that only its lyrics could explain. The boundless Beyoncé has left her signature once more on the sands of time that has gotten its reflection on the stars in the skies all over the world. Let’s take a review of this awesome compilation.

A pure album sound with the sauce vibe has a complete sensation from nature which creates a sagacity of realism. A perfect fusion influenced by Hip-Hop, Pop, Afro Beat and R&B which allows everyone to individually and uniquely flow into the storyline. This album brings one to imagine their own imagery while listening to a new contemporary interpretation of the Diva’s Thoughts – Queen Beyoncé.

The release of this album was to pay tribute to the film (The Lion King: The Gift) and the great rich cultures of Mother Africa.  Owing to the soothing sensations characterized and produced from African sounds, the songs were produced by African producers due to the authenticity and heart that she has identified with Africa. The album includes her new song – Spirit. The breadth of songs contained in the album creates a beautiful lyrical translation of the film’s well-known story.

The astonishing track list alternates between interludes and Beyoncé the beautiful goddess original tracks, which features different professional artists, creating a coherent, unified record.

The album specifically is produced bearing in mind the importance of producing each song to have its lyrical track that stands alone incredibly as its own potential hit, some even transcending genre.

The collaboration creates a synthesis of sounds that has been largely unheard of in the American music industry. The album sets new trends and it leaves a lasting impact when it comes to the blending of languages in the Rap and Hip-Hop genres.

An album that portrays the inspiring power of art while using visibility has an undebatable platform has made the Lion King: The Gift, to be full of references while exalting the Black Culture and everything it represents.

The ever-juicy album was executive produced by the Unbeatable Diva herself – Queen Beyoncé and it features artists which includes: Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Kid, Burna Boy, Jessie Reyez, 070 Shake, Tierra Whack, Yemi Alade, Childish Gambino, Tiwa Savage, Pharrell, Shatta Wale, Mr. Eazi, Blue Ivy Carter, Moonchild Sanelly, Tekno, Saint Jhn, Nija, Busiswa, and Salatiel.

The album blends the common African languages – Kiswahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans amongst others, with the English language in the uncompromising style of the American Rap and Hip-Hop. Its tracklisting which flows with emotions, lyrics, rhythm (both from sensational voicing and soothing instrumentation)  comprises of: Balance (Mufasa interlude), Bigger, The stars (Mufasa interlude), Find your way back, Uncle scar (Scar interlude), Don’t jealous me, Danger (Young Simba and young Nala interlude), Ja ara e, Runaway (Scar and young Simba interlude), Nile, New lesson (Timon, Pumbaa and young Simba interlude), Mood 4 eva, Reunited (Nala and Simba interlude), Water, Brown skin girl, Come home (Nala interlude), Keys to the kingdom, Follow me (Rafiki interlude), Already, Remember (Mufasa interlude), Otherside, War (Nala interlude), My power, Surrender (Simba and Scar interlude), Scar, I’m Home ( Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba interlude), Spirit.

The unfading Beauty and Sexy Queen’s album is of a distinctive variable quality that one can easily identify with. The Queen mixes personal thoughts as she savors musical hybrids and rhythmic challenges.

In essence, the great culture of the Africans is the blood that runs through the veins of this album. It is an undying love letter to blackness embodied in worth and power that weighs thriving personal songwriting and Disney’s evergreen storyline, as well as a sincere desire to celebrate the music of the African diaspora with its fundamental commercial obligations.

Each of the artist’s efforts towards this project was indeed superb because their vocal performances were flawless owing to the fact that they were able to recognize and identify with the real admiration that Beyoncé has for the great African culture which she has ingrained in her soul.

The album – The Lion King: The Gift, is now regarded in high esteem as a legendary effort that can stand the test of time. The epic sounding vibe is extremely hard to write, arrange, duplicate and perform. It stands out as a major breakthrough in the entertainment industry and as such, it is capable to take over any epic sound that you think is the best on your music library.

Beyoncé has truly accomplished something singularly unheard of before with her newest release that is now a new experience of storytelling. At this point, great kudos should be given to the producers because the sound is a perfect representation of the African race that cannot be ignored – A Cultural Movement.