With years of loving music and experimenting with sounds and instruments, Korshi T, born Nathan Tsagli in Keta (Ghana) has become what he describes as a rhythmic singer/songwriter who raps sometimes and finds comfort performing in Hip-hop/Rap and Afro-fusion Genre.
He dropped his first single “Me Ne Woa” featuring Geewan in 2014 and ever since he has followed with amazing content recruiting some of Africa’s great talents in creating songs like “Awo” ft. Boi H & “Rain” under the artist name Dmason.

Learning how to sing from observation he enlists EdSheeran, Asa,, M3nsa and Kendrick Lamar as the very four that influenced his style a lot even though he specifically stated he is influenced mostly by real stuff.

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when shared with the right person or people. In this groovy, afro-pop/Hip-hop fusion, Korshi T recruits Delis, a fellow rapper to capture the ‘raw, uncut emotions’ of a young man asking the love of his life to rest assured of his love as he moves through life.  Just a little more time to figure things out is all the character asks….”

Dig in and Enjoy this great piece from the shores of Accra, Ghana. #korshisings #korshi_t #afrobeats #worldmusic