Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours 2 Album Review 

The World is Yours 2 is the epitome of an instant Pop Trap classic. Rich The Kid is a rap pop icon and the fashion world loves him because he is not afraid to drop bands. If you know anything about Rich the Kid you know he’s a boss. The skills that it takes to own a business such as Rich Forever shows in the way he has been able to find the perfect features for his songs. I have always admired how none of his features sound forced. The perfect combination of Rich’s signature sound and his ability to get the most out of his guest appearance is what makes his music so appealing. Lets take an in depth look at The World is Yours 2.

The World Is Yours 2

The World Is Yours 2 (Intro)

As all good series do; Rich the kid starts off this wavy album with the World Is Yours 2. When the beat drops you can already tell that Rich was gonna get off and without a doubt he does. Some can consider Rich the Kid a mumble rapper but buddy really does have bars. Some lines that really stood out from the intro track were, 

Cant get no money in you in debt 

I was dreamin bout a benz 

I aint even pay the rent 

Make sure the money well spent.

One thing that set Rich The Kid from his peers is that he is a very positive rapper and artist. Throughout the album Rich The Kid discusses being entrepreneurial and believing in yourself and what you have to offer. The Intro of the World Is Yours 2 is an overview of Rich The Kids brand which is boss shit, working hard af and reaping the benefits of the fruits of your labor.


This song was definitely a slider. A real hard hitting 808 and a melodic melody was used to serenade a woman in the hook when he says, “Don’t act boogie lets ride.” This song is more of a flex vibe than anything else. I would say this song is a build up for some of the albums more memorable songs. Don’t get me wrong this song slaps in the whip but this song docen’t get me off my feet like some of the songs later in the project.


The build-up for this song was crazy. I loved the suspenseful chords at the beginning of the song! Once it dropped it sounded like Plug Walk 2.0 but the beat was sliding. This was one of the songs on the album that instantly got me interested in what he had to say. 

‘We can fuck lil I can’t lip lock 

Gucci spent a hunnid on some new socks’

‘Off-White the Gucci, I might mismatch 

When I fuck her, you can get your bitch back’

The World Is Yours 2

Rich the Kid knew to not compete with the beat but instead complement the beat. The way that he flowed on this song was super playful and clever, it was only right that he flexed super hard on this track.

This is a track I could play twice back to back in the whip or maybe act up at the red light when im driving to Popeyes when the new chicken sandwich comes back. 

Fall Threw 

Fall Threw is the first chance to see Rich The Kids Human resource skills go to work. First and foremost this beat is ridiculous. At a first listen, you will either love or hate the infectious flute melody used to string the beat together. However, eventually you will love it and you will hear it when you sleep. Young Thug and Gunna were perfect choices for this song. The best collaborations are where the chemistry between the artist is good you cannot tell when each artist is switching off. I don’t know how close these are guys outside of the studio but it’s apparent that they had fun recording this track. 

Save That 

Broke niggas may not like this one, Rich made sure he reminded us how far he’s been since he came up from the bottom. Looks like he made it and can afford to put 250 on the dash. Rich The Kid lowkey be spitting game in his songs in forms of Flexing. My favorite line in this whole song was. “Rich Forever I can’t fake that/ Invest the money for the check that you got make back. The beat was fire like all of his beats. Just like the previous track this song had a variation of a flute as the main lead melody. 

Two Cups 

Two cups is a highlight of the album with a feature from Offset and Big Sean. This song could easily be the next single of off of the whole album. As mentioned in the introduction of this review Rich The Kid just has a talent for shinning on a song just enough where he gets in where he fits and still lets his features shine. Big Sean absolutely destroyed his verse. Just take a look at a snip of his verse 

‘Yeah, had to cut the middle man, I ain’t talking Malcolms

When you put the work in, just look at all the outcomes

When you blessin’ faith, what these niggas be like, “How come?”

Though we quick to fuck these niggas up like round one’

Big Sean and Offset both ate on this track but hands down the strongest feature on this album lyrically. 

Racks Today 

This song is a vibe with that Rich The Kid signature sound. Immediately he started the song off with his hook.

I got a check to spend 

Ain’t gotta flex, I win 

I said the Maybach a Benz 

You cappin’, them racks is in.

The mood that Rich sends in this song is motivational and not to mention he turned down the flexing on this song to really highlight the process and the why behind his current reality. You can’t call Rich lazy one of the common themes throughout this album is hard work pays off. Whatever comes to your mind when the word trapping is brought into the discussion, most of us know the common acronym Take Risk and Prosper. Play this track in the gym or when you about to do some homework this song was one of my favorites in regards to getting inspiration out of me. 


Ok when I first heard woah I was like, “woah what the fuck is this” but only because the of tempo of other songs thus far compared to this song. This was the only song that I had to really play a couple of times to really enjoy but Rich The Kid has been historically known to throw a slow jab on his album to reset the vibe. Ty Dollar $ign and Miguel did this track justice. Rich basically set this song up for the two features to do their thing. 

Tic Toc

This song could fuck around and really be a smash if it plays its cards right. Tory Lanez came in on the hook talking about some, “Tic Toc/ Nigga big Glocks we got big shots/ we do wig shots. Whether you are a hitman about to take someone out for a client or you are about to merk some pussy this song will get you in the mood. I wonder how long it will take this song to catch fire with the rising popularity of Tik Toc?

Wrong Thing

If you bout to make a song about doing drugs and popping pills there is nobody better to bring to the party besides NAV. The vibe of this song like most songs associated with NAV is very dark. Rich must have been with the shits when recording this song because the chemistry between the artist was plausible. The song wouldn’t have been official unless NAV reminded us that he has shooters and if need be they will kill you. So don’t say the Wrong Thing! 

4 Phones 

Rich stepped away from the features on this one. Rich is a busy man and he let us know in 4 phones.

‘They know I got cash, I ain’t gotta brag no more (woo, woo, woo, what?)

I’m playin’ with the money, I just might go snatch the boat (I just might go snatch the boat)

I run through the check, but fuck it, the bag is close’


This might be one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. When the song started I forgot it was Rich’s album it almost sounded like it was supposed to be a Takeoffs album. Lil Pump verse was amazing the only word that I can find to come close to describe his style is vibrant. He stood out from the two other rappers but in a good way. Kind of like that kid you knew in high school that was kind of awkward but he was still cool af. This song hits different at night in the whip but don’t take my word for it try it out yourself. 

Like Mike 

These boys went in on this one what I noticed instantly about this song is that it is way more poetic than the other songs. You can thank this to A Boogie which also did the hook justice. A Boogies hook really set the foundation for the rest of the song. Jay Critch verse was more appealing due to cadence of the flow opposed to what was actually being said. His flow on that verse was probably the dopest out of all the other features on the album. 

Racks Out 

The beat is a highlight for this song and Rich spits some memorable bars in this one as well.

‘Niggas lyin’ ’bout their flexing, I done did that

Niggas showin’ off a skirt, now where your bitch at

I been chasin’ at the check, now I can’t miss that

Why you cappin’, signed three-sixty on your contract’

Ring RIng 

Ring Ring was different than the other songs on the album. I won’t say it was out of place but this song is more of an abstract compared to the content of the other songs on the album. Rich The Kid and the his feature Vory cover the emotion of needing a woman and the vulnerability of being alone. I respect Rich for showing us a different side of him and it makes us wonder what kind of growth will he show in The World Is Yours 3.

For Keeps 

For keeps sounds like a redemption song and ending the album on that note is some boss shit so I’m not mad at it. NBA Youngboy sings his art away in his verse while Rich lets you know they playing for keeps. This song could be taken as a message from Rich to let you fuck niggas know that he is good and he always will be. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this album and this one definitely is ABOGAPPOVED. What did you think about The World is Yours 2? Leave some comments below! 

The World Is Yours 2