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Who Is TJ Chapman?

Written By Lamar Coaston Jr.

If you know just a little bit about the music industry, the name TJ Chapman should register in your brain. In case you are one of the few who are not familiar with this Industry “Mover & Shaker” let me school you.TJ Chapman

My personal experience with TJ was at a TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers conference he put on in his hometown Tallahassee, Fl. November 2007.

What struck me most being an up and coming Indie Record Label owner was the cost of the conference, which was an unheard of $25.00.  It was at this conference I got to witness him in action debuting B.o.B who went on to become one of the most prolific award winning artists of all times.

As the personal victim of many scams directly targeted at Indie Artists/Producers/Labels, this was the number one factor that gravitated me to his movement, as well as the fact that he was becoming the most sought out person who could break artists through his record pool, which had a roster of respected DJs in the game.

TJs roster of successful artists in addition to B.o.B.  Include T Pain (I’m Sprung), Trap Beckham (Birthday Chick), Scotty ATL (Who Shot Cupid?), K Camp (Only Way Is Up), Rapper “Huey” (Pop, Lock and Drop It), and many others.

In a 2013 interview with http://www.thisis50.comTJ states he started DJing in 1984, doing his first Indie deal in 1982, his first Major deal in 1993 and Founding his TJsDJs Record Pool in 1994. When asked about his track record on breaking artists and how many artists’ records he broke TJ responded, “I was the Hub for the whole Southern music scene”. In August 2006 he discovered B.0.B.

The most important characteristic of TJ Chapman is his sincere, passionate desire and commitment to help others achieve their own greatness in the music business. He does so by giving artist an opportunity to showcase their music and have “Honest” reviews in an interactive platform on his live “Free Music Review Show” http://freemusicreview.tv/ Here, TJ has afforded new artists to not only realize their full potential, but has spawned talent who go on to secure “Major” deals themselves as a result.

TJ Shares the advice given him from his late friend “Chuck” who advised him “Stop trying to do all these things with everybody else, and just one time do things by yourself and see it from beginning to finish”

Once he followed that advice according to TJ, his whole life changed and all his endeavors started working.

In his downtime TJ spends time with family and enjoys fishing and an occasional “Pool Table” Challenge!

ABEOG Salutes TJ Chapman as Always Being Original!

you can submit your music to TJ  at www.freemusicreview.tv

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