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Featured Writer Of The Week: CG Blade

October 14, 20183 min read

“Great novels comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Readers are very familiar with the “jaw-dropping, neck-snapping plot twists” in the Pseudoverse Series of novels. Lightning strikes CG Blade’s powerful creative side on a regular basis, as he never stops writing between novels. The Pseudoverse novels are a “mash-up” of historical fiction, science fiction, horror, and plenty of dark humor and sarcasm. They fit into a class of several dozen genres, and maybe one day someone will give this genre a name. A love of the Universal and Hammer Sci-Fi/Horror films, and the great minds of authors such as Huxley, Orwell, Dick, Lovecraft, Nelson, Bradbury, Heinlein, Wells, and many others, are the foundation for CG’s writing. CG Blade’s style and technique is a derivative all his own turned upside-down as he takes you through a world of New Order using technology as the ultimate master race. Paying homage to the pulp writers, whose grueling life of “if you did not keep up a word count of over a million a year, you could not stay alive in this business,” is his way of paying it back to these fantastic writers of the early 20th century.

Navy veteran and pilot, Transhumanist, Pseudosynth, author, creative writer, engineer, and robot programmer, he is an avid science fiction reader and lover of twisting, ever-turning plots. Taking the reader down many thrilling cyber roads and mysterious paths, his narratives rely heavily on past and present scientific, historical research, and the human condition. Melding the past with the possible future, these novels are carefully mixed and stirred with music lyrics, real people, historical fiction, and the potential of artificial intelligence run amok. Fused with satirical commentary and the first musical “Grindhouse” intermissions in novels (Including poetry), he continues his fiction writing with Ash, Amber, Amaranth, Gold, Copper, Radium, and Turquoise, and Granite. He currently lives in Ohio with his wife Jackie, and their two rambunctious but lovable cats, Jeri Boo, and Bullet. Pseudosynth Press

“Science fiction’s message should be subtle. Like a robotic finger pushing through your skull, poking around, waking you up.” CG Blade

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  • CG Blade

    October 14, 2018 / at 3:33 pm

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