Nas Shows us with Lost Tapes 2 Timeless Hip Hop still is relevant


The ever dazzling Nas Lost Tapes 2 album with its future relic art design is a modern-day classic piece that stays relevant in the present day and as a treasure to behold for the unborn.

The album has thus insight a reaction which has got individuals on earth’s globe talking endlessly about it. On this project, Nas has proven to flow with ease both with sound and lyrics no matter the obstacles he has faced. His lyrics are dope and are so on point. Its easy to see that we are very impressed with this piece of art.


His sensational track listing that is making waves all around the world comprises of: No bad energy, Vernon family, Jarreau of rap (Skatt Attack) ft. Al Jarreau and Keyon Harrold, Lost Freestyle, Tanasia, Royalty ft. RaVaughn, Who are you ft. David Ranier, Adult film ft. Swizz Beats, War against love, The art of it ft. J. Myers, Highly favored, Queens wolf, It never ends, You mean the world to me, Queensbridge politics, Beautiful life ft. RaVaughn. Credits needs to be given to the top beatmakers of Hip-Hop – Kanye West, The Alchemist, Pharrell, Hit-Boy, Pete Rock and No I.D for a solid production which has got Nas rocking in people’s dreams, perception and reality.

The Lost Tapes is an Epic Album

This prestigious album holds a distinct resonance with its predecessor undoubtedly. The attitude of Nas towards this project at this time of his life is highly commendable. Rather than simply being on the lookout to benefit from the success of a well-received, commercially rewarding album, Nas looks to the Lost Tapes 2 to repeat a feat that the original accomplished for his career – Which is to immensely revitalize his musical reputation after a string of bumps to both his standing in Hip-Hop and his ego.


The Lost Tapes 2 has thus, solidified Nas’ reestablished credibility as far from the stroke of luck because this album was indeed crafted from material culled from prior projects’ recording sessions. This creative masterpiece is a supreme ability, skill, and talent that the indomitable artist Nas has portrayed.

For those who know, love and appreciate good music, this highly anticipated album will definitely soar way above most Hip-Hop heads of today and for Nas, this is a project of growth, reflection, and prosperity for the young rapper.


Here is an album whose vibe doesn’t sound dated at all. Nas the rising King never lets your ears down. It’s no secret that much of the appeal of Nas’ album comes from his capability to pen concurrently poignant and gritty representations of street life.

So far, Nas has appeared on a handful of songs that have gotten his fan with additional highlights to pore over daily owing to his deeply personal lyrical approach. This is a major significance that Nas has brought to limelight from the depth of his soul.


A sure dude that raps big time despite he has a lifestyle that is unpredictable to the point of not being aware he could lose it fast. His music industry spotlight has greatly intensified as the release of this album broke new grounds for him by erupting a new sound that is uniquely his which can flood one’s senses with its lyrical approach.

At this point, the album has gotten a fabulous degree of acceptance. It portrays an artist who have rediscovered his love for Hip-Hop in the most joyous and satisfying way and has preached his sermons with accuracy and precision.

Having satisfied the inquisitiveness of his fans justifiably, this album is an unpredictable rap compilation at its best for music that spans more than a decade across several iterations for the Nas – Lost Tapes 2.

When you listen carefully to this album with the proper context, you will notice that the release is a return to glory because it is universally rated against its predecessor. This is a fantastic work that has made the true fans and the genuine lovers of Nas Hip-Hop music to be ecstatic.

Before the project was released, Nas and Mass Appeal unveiled a trailer for the album which was dope and its still dope. Nas definitely will have longevity in the Hip-Hop music industry because his latest album feels a lot like redemption on one’s mindset.

Everyone that was featured on this album gives a fruitful collaboration because its another standout for the rapper – Nas. This is a work that has a paradigm shift from underground to mainstream. A reality for Nas and he is thankful to God because, for him, it’s a great time to be a Hip-Hop artist.

It’s worthy of note that Nas is one of the first conscious rappers our generation is rocking with. Though his empire is spreading beyond music, he always comes to call with some dope tunes that keep our speakers bumping, and our ears open for the truth. Keep your sight glued to this rapper because he will always be on the spotlight.