Artist Spotlight: Rovi

Rovi is a young Liberian native from the north side of Atlanta. At the age of 14, Rovi spent a summer in LA, which opened his mind to a whole new world.

Inspired by a concert he attended at Universal Studios in Hollywood he finally found his purpose. He returned back to Atlanta a new man with a vision. Over the years the “grind” has never stopped.

Since then, Rovi has collaborated with some of the most popular writers and producers in Atlanta from K- Major the writer of Usher’s 2016 single “Rivals” to Fuse who is the Vice president of the Hit making group “808 Mafia”. Rovi released his debut EP “Trust Me” under his own company ” Universal Culture ” and “Here I R productions”  on all streaming platforms in MARCH 2018.


Check out his latest project “Trust Me”