THE OTHERNESS are a young rock-pop-soul collective from Argentina.
Martin, Gonzalo, Agustin and Pablo started to play together by the end of 2009. They’ve toured the underground circuits of Europe and South America and now they’ve just published their self-titled debut album “The Otherness”.

Hailing from La Patagonia, they are aptly named. Why so? In a reversal of the British invasion tradition, where bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles enlightened North America on the bluesy US roots of Rock n Roll, The Otherness tour tirelessly in the UK, bringing their own homespun ‘other’ brand of music back to its source with a clear message. “Otherness” means “the quality of being different”. No one has ever chosen their nationality, mother tongue and sexual identity in the first place. Hence, “The Otherness” means total freedom to invent oneself and that expression goes far beyond the social mandate.

In the few years that they have played together, they have honed a very clear and proficient style of short, sweet and punchy tracks that usually don’t exceed three minutes. Early singles such as “Move On”, “Come On” and recently, “Baby, there’s more than that” have caught the attention of BBC 6 radio host Chris Hawkins, while the band has been championed by English music journalist John Robb, boss of “Louder Than War” (Manchester) and UK Association of Independent Music ‘Indie Champion’ awarded.

The Otherness will tour UK and EU (Germany and Holland) between June and September 2018 and the tour it is aimed at promoting the protection, improvement and proliferation of worldwide grassroots music and venues.