TDUBARIQ “The Great Dispenser of Talents” With this project TDUBARIQ highlights a fusion of deep concept that taps his roots in originality and the fragrance of his unique personality is here to stay as long as the earth remains. Every song can sound sweet and pleasurable if one allows themselves to tune his/her tone appropriately, add amazing lyrics that listeners can relate and identify with plus a melody that even the entertainment industries all around the world cannot unplug.

The Str8 Out the Jungle album is a masterpiece whose sound is pure and fresh. A trigger of bliss for the young and relaxant for the old is what TDUBARIQ has been able to tremendously achieve with the release of this sensational Str8 Out the Jungle album. The list of songs in the album is a spectrum of the solid footprint from a fast-rising rapper that Grammy and others cannot ignore and deny – TDUBARIQ.


Donte TDUBARIQ (Pronounced Taariq) Crooks is an American Entrepreneur, Producer and Recording Artist based out of Florida. At an early age, Donte knew that he was destined for a career in music. He has actively been writing music for other artist while still having the ability to make classics for himself.

He has opened up for artists such as 2Chainz, Young Dro and Travis Porter. After the tragic passing of his father, Tdubariq took a break from music and formed AlwaysBeOG with a friend but returned again in 2014.


With a refreshing melodic and nostalgic approach in his production and songwriting, Tdubariq produces catchy and upbeat tunes that still have a vibe as dark as him.

Great credits should be given to Tdubariq because it is remarkable to note that on his new 15-track project, the efforts and beat making for all the entire album being channeled in the production of this legendary hit were all made by Donte TDUBARIQ Crooks himself which has thus resulted into a melodic rhythm and a polished sonic trim evoking originality and quality entertainment that creates a ting in the ear and a merry in the heart. Kudos nigga! Don’t be caught off guard because very soon, musical tours and deals that would advance his career are coming his way big time – y’all better get hooked and glued to this dude before he takes y’all by surprise.

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