Tampa is a city of Gems… Baewxlff is Proof

In the age of instant gratification and accessibility, Tampa based artist Baewxlff stays focus on his craft at hand. Baewxlff is a producer and musician that has the knowledge and insight to bend genres in unimaginable ways. Like any good superhero they have their signature and that is the same case for Baewxlff, he produces primarily on his Mpc 2000XL and credits his workflow for his style. His latest project Starship radio is a reflection of the melting pot in which makes Tampa so unique.

From the top of the project as he starts off with luxurious chords of the Intro till the very end of the project with ending track of Super Nova . From the arrangement of the tracks the inspiration behind the vibe and his execution to articulate his vision, it’s obvious to see the kid knows a thing about music. Some of the influences of his sound can be credited to Easy Mo Bee, Premier, Kanye, J Dilla, RZA, Clams Casino, Lil Jon & Havoc. The element of his music and sound that also adds an extra appeal to the presentation is his humble use of sampling. Listening to Starship Radio the first time around I questioned if in fact a sample was used for some songs. Its always refreshing to hear a record spun in a way never thought possible. The whole team at ABOG would like to salute Baewxlff to his contribution to the city of Tampa and the culture in entirety. Check Out his latest project “Spaceship Radio” on the streaming service of your choice.