Recording Artist Frankie Raye Says Track Over Now is “Darker and Edgier Than My Previous Releases”

TAMPA, FLORIDA — “Over Now,” the newest single from recording artist Frankie Raye, was released today.  The pop rock song is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, and other online digital music retailers.  The Tampa Bay area singer, songwriter, guitar player worked with Cincinnati-based Loren Turner, lead guitarist and founding member of rock band Foxy Shazam, on the song early this year after recording it in St. Petersburg, Florida, last summer but feeling, “the sound wasn’t really what I was going for.” 

Frankie Raye Over Now

She explained that “It originally had a progressive rock sound, whereas I wanted it to sound more like stripped-down grunge.  Wanting to give the track a fresh perspective, I sent it to (Turner)… He immediately understood the sound that I wanted, and he made the track what it is now. I also played a lot with lyrical rhythms while writing this song; in the second verse, you can hear the wordy line, ‘Like my words were just a pathetic excuse to avoid blame.’ I used lyrics to subdivide the rhythm, which is a technique I’ve been playing around with a lot lately.”