Michael Jordan Can Still Beat You On The Court


            Everyone’s favorite former basketball player, Michael Jordan, still hasn’t lost his damn mojo. Don’t doubt it. Don’t dispute it. Don’t think that you can beat him on the court, because you can’t. He proved that recently by breaking the hearts of a bunch of kids hearts at a basketball camp. Michael Jordan


Let me set the stage for you…


Michael Jordan was at his Michael Jordan Flight School basketball camp. Because he’s Michael Jordan, he invited some of his celebrity friends to stop by. Chris Paul and Derek Fisher both stopped by and a challenge was issued by Chris Paul. He told Michael Jordan that he needed to make a couple of shots in a row. If he missed three of them, Jordan would have to give a pair of sneakers to every kid in the crowd. There were a lot of kids there.


So imagine being a kid sitting there in the crowd. You think you’re about to get a free pair of Jordans. Why? No one’s seen Michael ball in years. Yeah, he’s still got the hype and is in good looking shape, but you know what else? He’s 53. 53 year old’s can’t ball, right?



Michael Jordan

Out of six shots, Michael made all 6. Easily. Chris Paul even tried to block his eyes for one of them and he still made it. Michael must have heard free shoes and was like nah, I’m bout to go Super Saiyan or something. It was nice to see that he’s still got it though.


Peep the video: