Bow Wow Wants You To Care About Him Again


            Rapper and actor Bow Wow, and trust that I’m using those terms in the most loose definition of either, wants to be relevant and the public should stop falling for his tricks.  Bow Wow


Last week, Bow Wow was in hot water for his comments about why he can’t relate to civil rights or the shootings of black people by police. First, he went the whole Illuminati route. According to his Twitter page, Bow Wow, sorry, Shad Moss believes “That all the world leaders are controlled by an upper power that no one knows about. I cant rock wit it”


He went on to continue digging his grave by saying that he’s ‘mixed’ all of a sudden and that he doesn’t know what his ancestors were doing. “Yeah I seen SELMA. Was i related to anyone no. Im saying my moss side of family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different.


Bow Wow    He kept going though as if that wasn’t bad enough. When asked about his mixed race, he went on to talk about how everyone has seen his mom, who is obviously black. But had they seen his father, they’d know he was mixed.


Well, its 2016 so Google exists. And when I found a mugshot of his father (catch the shade), I found this light skinned guy. Bow Wow


I don’t see him as mixed. I see a light skinned dude with a bad perm. Bow Wow, Shad, Mike, whoever he wants to be, should stop trying to be problematic to remain relevant.