Fresh off releasing one of the year’s most critically acclaimed projects thus far in Pray For Haiti, Mach Hommy has continued to keep his momentum rolling with the release of a new music video. The single in question is “Folie A Deux,” a standout track that finds him pledging allegiance to the Griselda movement alongside Westside Gunn and Keisha Plum, the deadliest spoken word artist in the game.

Visually, the Daily Gems-directed video is unexpectedly raw, shining a light on Little Haiti while highlighting Mach and Gunn’s chemistry. Representing for the New Jersey Devils and face-concealing bandana, Hommy holds it down alongside his newly reacquainted creative partner. As for Gunn, he remains true to his reputation as one of the waviest in the game, rocking a yellow sweater, several iced-out chains, and a blazing pair of shorts. It doesn’t hurt that both parties are nice with the bars, with Hommy in particular being among the sharpest lyricists currently putting in work right now. 

Should you be keen on supporting an excellent project in the JAY-Z and Drake-endorsed Pray For Haiti, be sure to run up the numbers on the new video for “Folie A Deux” right here. 

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