Why Pokémon Go Went Viral (And Deserves It!)

Pokemon GoBy now, if you haven’t heard about Pokémon Go, you don’t exist. Maybe you are extremely cut off from the world or don’t have internet or a smartphone, who knows. However, Pokémon Go has just exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. People are able to relieve their childhood and share the virtual monsters with the younger generation. It is bringing people together with friendly (and not so friendly) rivalry,letting parents teach their young ones about their own younger years, and getting people to actually go outside and be active. One question is on a few people’s minds though, why did this app boom as much as it did?




Pokémon Go Brings People Together

It is pretty uncommon for strangers to just start up a conversation and quickly become friends in the world today. However, people are just passing others on the street and striking up a conversation about Pokémon Go. Friendships are being formed over something so small but it can really make a difference. The world we live in is currently pretty chaotic, especially right now, so having something which can breed love instead of hate is very important. It is amazing how people can bond over tiny, magical creatures but Pokémon Go has done the impossible.


Pokémon Go Lets People Share the Nostalgia

The older generations have seen such viral games, books, and movies that they want to share with the younger generation but don’t have a new way to present it to them. Things such as Harry Potter were so beloved when they first came out (they still are, but they’ve lost a bit of relevancy) but Pokémon Go has renewed the passion for catching them all. There’s such a huge fan base for Pokémon that when this app came out, so many people started playing it and everyone else wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


Pokémon Go Has People Willingly Going Outside

The new wave of youngsters isn’t exactly the go-outside-and-play kind of group. Technology has people inside, sitting on the couch, and mindlessly playing or watching something. That’s why this app is so amazing! Technology is actually the reason people are going outside! You wouldn’t see this kind of thing with other apps but Pokémon Go has created a way to get people to travel and walk and get exercise on their own freewill! It’s actually amazing when you think about it. It combines the exercise aspect of a fitness app with the fun of many people’s childhood obsessions! It’s the perfect blend and it deserves all the fame it has received thus far.