KB real name Keith Bryant born on the southside of Chicago his first album was called “Renowned Sound” released under QuickDraw productions.






His brother (KG) is also on the album they were known as the Kunneck. Soon after KB did his first mixtape “Hot 16″. After moving to Arkansas KB started L.A.R.H.U it means loyalty, ambition, respect, honor, and unity. KB oversaw the compilation entitled ” L.A.R.H.U”, then released the album “Rappers Ambition” featuring Bookworm, under Top Fltye Entertainment. Now KB has his first solo album “Given Da K.Businesses”.


KeithKB has a single on iTunes ” Misunderstood ” and a video on YouTube “KB Grizzly” . KB brings real Hip Hop back hardcore lyrics catchy hooks dope beats , and puts on a awesome show when doing live performances KB may not be the best, but he is JUST THAT GOOD!!!!!! Influenced by Twista, Redman, Rakim, KRS1,Hopsin, Eminem, Onyx, Dmx, Tupac