Day X is a young gifted artist that resides in Washington,Dc. He looks to spread awareness to his audience encourages all his fans to believe and trust themselves.

Day X is a very interesting artist and in his new single he talks a lot about his depression and the suffering of the black community. In one of his lines he says ” Before I die I wanna open minds of the youth confined IMG_00751doing prison time” this line is very important because in todays society almost 40% of the black youth are incarcerated. We as people tend to forget about our imprisoned brothers and sisters. With this song Day X sets out  to open peoples mind, heart and eyes to the struggles we all face as the 99% living in middle class status or poverty. Most people say Day X sounds like a mix of Kendrick, J.cole, Jay Z with Kanye/Timberland style beats. Day X is not looking to gain any internet fame nor is he making music for the vanity, he is honestly the up and coming voice of the youth that needs to get discovered so he can share his story with the world. Take a listen to his new single “The Preview” and also follow him on twitter. #DopeOrNope?