Meet LaQuay Hawkins aka Quay Hawk aka Mr.Jetson

He is from Mays Landing NJ exit 12, he has been rapping/ singing for a year now. It all just started with him being in his moms basement just rapping being bored and then he released a song called ball game and everybody from his city was loving it and he has been buzzing ever since. He feels like his best ability with making music is coming up with hooks. Quay has told us  he want to be like Nate Dawg with hooks.


“IQuay feel like he was always on a feature and voice was very distinct something like mine. I think a lot of people would be surprised  by the people that inspire me seeing as though I don’t sound or maybe even flow like them, but Hov, TI and Wayne are some of my favorite artist.”




Be on the look out for his first mixtape called “Mr.Jetson” coming out on August 26. In the meanwhile listen to his first two singles “BallGame” and “Pour it Up” exclusively on Soundcloud.