Trippin On Sundayz Presents Tank Performing Live

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

It seems like it was only a matter of time before T.I. & Tiny’s children, especially his oldest who are in their own spotlights, were forced to address their legal troubles. The married couple has been accused of sexually assaulting over a dozen women. The accusers came forward after a former friend of Tiny’s, Sabrina Peterson, campaigned to expose the couple for being alleged sex abusers and allegedly drugging women. The Harrises have denied the allegations, but that didn’t stop a fan from uncomfortably questioning their daughter about it on live.

24-year-old Zonnique Pullins seemed flabbergasted on a recent Instagram live session after a fan trolled her over the allegations her parents are facing. The excited live streamer pretended to want to “rap” for Zonnique who willingly gave him the floor to perform but that turned into a trolling session ASAP.

“So question, when is your parents going to jail for taking all them people?”

Zonnique took a moment to realize what the fan was saying and continued to let him speak after noting she couldn’t figure out how to hang up and things got awkward.

“I’m scared to go to ATL now. I’m scared of getting picked up in a white van by this short chick name Tiny and this man T.I. I don’t wanna get picked up. I’m scared for my life, my sister. my mother, and father…why they taking people?!”

Zonnique shot back, “is someone missing?” Hit play to view the video interaction between Zonnique and the out-of-pocket person, reshared by OnSite!

Wow! How do YOU think Zonnique handled this trolling situation?

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