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Why Harrison Mixbus is the “Original DAW”

December 23, 20194 min read

Harrison Mixbus: “Original DAW”

We here at ABOG are more than proud to bring your attention to what we believe is the most complete ultimate source in DAW technology for music production by far. Introducing the Harrison Mixbus method!

If you have never heard of “Harrison Mixbus” don’t feel bad, but know that no matter how young or old you are, you have heard the results of this “Sonic” masterpiece in most of the greatest music produced on the Planet!

Harrison Mixbus

Harrison’s Prestige

Harrison’s humble beginnings are about as “OG” as you can get! Born from the mind of one of the greatest recording engineers there ever was, William David Harrison affectionately known as Dave Harrison who’s credits include James Brown, The Platters, John Lee Hooker and others. 

Dave had a burning desire to be the greatest and to bring a whole new vision of how music, sound and the delivery of that should be delivered. His quest drove him to pursue avenues normally taken which after many attempts to garner attention failed. This rejection spawned Dave to start his own company, which would ultimately become the “Blueprint” of the music and film industry as it relates to producing and developing the sound and production environment. His early equipment inventions are to this day considered the “Benchmark” Industry Standard.

Harrison Mixbus

I could go on and on about the histories of Harrison Mixbus but do yourself a favor and read every detail here:

The reason it is now my go to DAW is because after acquiring a Demo version of the product, I was totally taken by surprise by the superb quality of sound it possessed after merely installing the program, throwing in a backing track and recording vocals. Before adding a single effect to the mix, I had a sound that was ready to mix down to master. So as you can imagine with a few plugins like reverb, compressor and a touch of delay, I was in “Mix Heaven”. 

Now at this moment you’re probably saying “Yeah, Right”.  But as an engineer who’s used countless DAWs over the past 30 years that is a feat I do not consider lightly. Until I got my hands on Harrison Mixbus I have mixed and mastered countless projects on Pro Tools and considered it to be one of the easiest User-Friendly programs on the market. It has been a great tool for getting great results no doubt. But what I’m saying here is that on the first day of using Harrison Mixbus, I knew the results of this sound was by far the greatest “Unmixed” sound I have ever heard coming from both my monitors and headphones respectively.

ABOG Salutes the late great William David Harrison innovator of the “Original DAW” and the Harrison Mixbus family for creating one of the greatest products for mastering the art of music production both Live and Harrison Mixbus in the Recording and Film Studio Environments.

To order your own copy of this “Sound Breaking” DAW we encourage you to take your sound to the next level by clicking the following link! “Happy Mixing” 

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  • Chris

    December 26, 2019 / at 10:54 pm

    Harrison has it’s own origins in the industry but the mixbus DAW is rooted in Paul Davis’s program Ardour which is probably nearly a 20 year project in itself. The collaboration between Harrison and Ardour has seen a lot of development in Linux audio in the last few years which is awesome and has also seen Ardour ported to windows.