She’s a silent killer. Determined and focused, April, 20, comes from Baltimore, Maryland. Music has been something that she’s been brought up in. Listening to legendary artists such as Alicia Keys, Mary J Blidge, SWV, Faith Evans, and many hip hop artists as well. Starting her own craft was almost effortless. April has been singing since the age of 2. Professionally entering the studio at the age of 6 and eventually recording her first single produced by Eiby on Da Track and engineered by Street Legal Studios. This single featured another Baltimore artist, AOT KD. “The Motions” was written on the concept of going through the ups and downs of depression, anxiety, and everyday life struggles. April states that this song was also written in memory of a dear friend, who lost his life January 2019 in a terrible accident. This artist, April, shows continuous effort and passion for music. Keeping R&B and Hip Hop alive, time to welcome a young legendary R&B/ Hip Hop artist in the making, April.