The Weeknd has been really getting into fashion lately and it’s working for him. While the Toronto singer has been pushing his collaboration with A Bathing Ape debuting in three days at the Bape store in Harajuku, Japan, he’s also been cooking up another crispy collaboration with international apparel brand Puma. His second collaboration with the brand since 2017, this year’s autumn / winter collection takes inspiration from its “Homage To The Archive” theme for a sporty, throwback look pairing clean silhouettes with loud pops of vibrant colorblocking.

The pieces themselves were “pulled straight from the ’94 Puma archives” and given updated designs and The Weeknd’s own XO label branding, with the label’s logo adorning the breast patches and backs of the track jackets and the front of the baseball caps. The 2017 collection sold out worldwide in only a day, so all hypebeasts should have their plugs ready and waiting to go. Or, you can try your luck on the Puma website, but if you miss out, there’s always the resale market.

And even though The Weeknd’s clothing collaborations have made a killing (even without the lucrative H&M deal he ended after the brand’s advertising controversy earlier this year), he’s still focusing on the music as well. His next album, Chapter 6, is supposedly on the way, even as his 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy still racks up streams and gets plenty of airplay. Expect that trend to continue as cold weather season — traditionally, The Weeknd’s time — continues for the new few months.

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