“Original Comedienne” 

If you haven’t heard of “Pew Pew Pew” by now, then you are probably not down with what has to be the most talked-about song in social media circles! First debuted on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the song has social media giant TikTok on fire with newly surging “Pew Pew Pew Challenges”.

The brainchild of Lawonda Nichole Hunter AKA “Auntie Hammy” Pew Pew Pew” went viral more than once garnering Hunter a solid footing in her own unique brand of comedy. With a host of other characters and “Alter Egos” one cannot help from buckling over with stomach pains from the humor that spews

ABOG takes a look into the mind of  “Auntie Hammy” who has been compared by fans as being on the level of comedic icons Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball, but definitely with twist of her own! Weather it be workout advice, or doing what you gotta do to keep it popping down there (Ladies will understand) Auntie Hammy gone tell you like it TIS.

ABOG: Tell us who “Auntie Hammy” is and where and how did she evolve?

Auntie Hammy: “Auntie Hammy is an entertainment phenomenon.”  “She is the first black woman to have a solo comedy album reach the Billboard charts.”

ABOG: How did you come up with “Pew Pew Pew? 

Auntie Hammy: “Free Styling comedy songs during my daily virtual comedy shows via Facebook live.”

ABOG: The song also broke some records and achieved some milestones, what were they?

Auntie Hammy: “Starting in 2017, and by March 2020, my relationship advice song “Pew Pew Pew” reached over 7 billion views on TIKTOK. Kevin Hart, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Prince Royce, Ozuna & many other celebrities made TikTok videos to my trending “Pew Pew Pew” challenge.” “Eventually the song was mentioned on many TV networks such as MTV, TBS & ABC.”

ABOG: When did you decide to start making live videos on social media? 

Auntie Hammy: “ I began studying social media for my doctorates studies in 2010.” “I dropped out in 2016 and decided to use the studies on myself.” “In February 2017, I began to implement the marketing strategies I hypothesized would work.” “ I did so by creating an independent virtual comedy stage via Facebook Live.”

ABOG: What was it like seeing fans respond to your brand of humor?

Auntie Hammy:  “ It was like an “Outer Body” experience.” “ I truly love the gym and I was able to transform this and show my acting skills by creating a character the world loves.”

ABOG: As with any endeavor there will be haters. Did you encounter any negativity? What did you do to deal with it?

Auntie Hammy: “Due to me choosing a natural look and portraying an ex drug-addiction character, I encountered lots of negativity.” “I was able to deal with it because I knew I was playing a role that would showcase my acting skills.”

ABOG: Did you imagine yourself becoming so popular?

Auntie Hammy: “ No, I thought I would just be local in my county.” “ I never imagined being internationally known.”

ABOG: You took the “Grass Roots” approach to your career and marketed yourself from the ground up, what played a part in that decision?

Auntie Hammy: “I have a degree in marketing so those skills helped me be more confident in marketing myself.”

ABOG: Did you have any prior experience or education in marketing?

Auntie Hammy: “Yes as mentioned before, I have a masters degree in marketing, and so I put that experience into action to build my brand.”

ABOG: What have been your worst and best experiences thus far in your career?

Auntie Hammy:  “My worst I would have to say was filing for bankruptcy,” “ I went completely broke chasing my comedic dreams.” 

“The best is now having accomplished a way to live comfortably doing what I love to do.”

ABOG: People would be surprised to know?

Auntie Hammy: “I am truly a nerd and nothing like the “Auntie Hammy” Character!”

ABOG: You’re also heavily into fashion; do you have plans for launching your own line?

Auntie Hammy: “Yes I plan to launch a “Press On” nails and Afro Wig line this winter!”

ABOG: Your performance in the “Mermaid Juice” video was very soulful and brought about that “Old School” live band feel. Do you plan to do more of that?

Auntie Hammy: “Yes, those are my favorite types of songs to make.” “My next album will have a song similar to that, it will be released October, 2020.”

ABOG: Speaking of “Celebrity Status” have you worked with anybody in the Industry yet? If so who? And if not, who would like most to work with?

Auntie Hammy: “ I worked with “Hot Boy Turk” which was dope because the “Hot Boys” were my favorite rap group as a teenager.” “My dream collabs would have to be with Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Teddy Riley. Prince Royce and Lady Gaga.”

ABOG: What projects are you currently working on?

Auntie Hammy: “ I am launching my Roku TV channel October 2020 and releasing comedy albums monthly.”

ABOG: We see you are also using your platform to help those who are often overlooked and undiscovered, what brought about that passion?

Auntie Hammy: “ I considered myself the underdog because I chose to take the Independent route with my comedy.” “Many told me that social media was not the place to launch a comedy career and that I had to do traditional “Stand Up” at comedy clubs.” I managed to fight through the negativity, and now because of the pandemic, everyone needs a virtual stage!” “This inspired me to encourage others to push through negativity, and also birthed the idea to use my platform to help others knowing how it felt when not many people would help me.”

ABOG: What advice would you give anyone pursuing a career in the entertainment business? 

Auntie Hammy: “Be very consistent and relentless,.” “Create your own lane.’ “Don’t beg to be on someone else’s stage, just make your own.”

ABOG: Thank you so much for kicking it with us! We will continue to follow you on this fantastic journey to GREATNESS!

ABOG Salutes the Comedic Genius of Lawonda Nichole Hunter AKA  “Auntie Hammy.” Check her out!

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