Celebrities influence fashion trends.

Famous people have constantly molded fashion trends all through history and this has been genuine till today.

What is fashion?

Fashion is just wearing what is viewed popular or hip. Why are certain things viewed as hip or popular? It is generally because famous ones or celebrities have been seen wearing these items. So, celebrities not only influence fashion. It should be said that they create fashion too. Celebrities are often our motivations for what to wear.


Huge occasions that many celebrities attend and dress up for play a big role in deciding fashion trends for that season. Any event, in which there is something referred to as a “red carpet”, may be one of these vital fashion forming events. One example of such an event is the Emmys. Another example is the Grammies. The red carpet is the place where celebrities and their significant others really flaunt their outfits. They pose for the numerous photographers who want to take their picture. Later, these photos can be seen all over magazines, newspapers, the television and net. Fashion critics and people on television, and also the general public spends a lot of time reviewing the outfits that celebrities wore on the red carpet. It is decided which outfits are “dos” and which are “don’ts”. The “dos” then go ahead to impact the fashion trends that are well known that year or that season.




One specific big name that has been very influential in the world of fashion recently has been Kanye West. Kanye is an extremely well known rapper, writer and, most of all, producer. He also possess his own clothing line. Kanye pioneered different kinds of fashion trends that have been embraced by the ‘hipster’ subculture. For instance, Kanye was the first to begin wearing the brightly-colored plastic glasses that have no lenses but instead have plastic “blinds”. Kanye also brought popularity to blending formal wear with casual clothing. An  instance of this is for a man to wear a suit coat with a casual shirt underneath.


MM2Let’s discuss a celebrity who affected fashion long before Kanye West came around. The celebrity we are talking about here is Marilyn Monroe. Everyone can recall the image of Marilyn Monroe wearing her white dress with a puffy skirt and standing over the heat vent with air blowing up her skirt from underneath. This image has influenced fashion decision of several generations. All young ladies want to be just like Marilyn Monroe. You can find white dresses like that in numerous stores all over the country today, and that is just about one hundred years after Marilyn Monroe made that look popular. Ladies today will still occasionally place a fake birth mark above their lip with make-up and call it a ‘monroe’. Also, some women get their upper lip pierced and call it ‘a monroe’, after the well known celebrity whose influence on fashion is still alive today, several years after her death.

Obviously, Marilyn and Kanye are only two of the many celebrities who have influenced fashion. All celebrities influence fashion in their own special way, for better or worse!

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