Summer Style

When it comes to summer style, the secret is staying cool and not letting the heat get to you. This summer is an especially hot one for both the east and west coasts. The temperatures are high and the humidity is even higher, which makes it hard to stay on trend while beating the sweltering summer heat.


Here are some secrets to staying cool this summer.


  1. Wear flowing dresses as much as possible – As much as ladies like wearing denim and pants during the winter and fall seasons, this summer is no time for fashion of that nature. To stay cool this summer, Invest in as many flowing dresses as possible in a material like cotton. Cotton will keep you cool and the flowy dress style will keep you as comfortable as possible.Summer Style
  2. Swap your usual bra for a bandeau top – One of the problems during the summer is the tendency for underwire bras to become extremely uncomfortable. Instead of wearing your usual Summer Stylebra, pick up a few bandeau tops in different colors and wear them everyday. They will keep you cool and feeling good without the usual annoyance of an underwire digging into your skin.
  3. Keep your hair off of your face and your neck – Long hair can become an extreme annoyance during the hot summer months. Stave off this discomfort by keeping your hair off of your face at all times. There are many cute hairstyles which include keeping your hair completely off of your face such as buns, various braids, and your hair swept up in a clip.
  4. Bring a kimono wrap for air-conditioned interiorsswagFor those of you that work in an office, or if you are going to run a few errands at the store or mall, make sure to bring a light kimono in your bag to put over your shoulders. A kimono weighs so little that it won’t bother you to stash in your bag, and when worn, it will keep you from catching a chill in air-conditioned interiors.
  5. Stay cool with iced coffees and plenty of water – Aside from your summer style, you will want to make sure that you are always staying hydrated during the heat-laden temperatures. Drink as much water as possible and if you need a caffeine jolt, pick up an iced coffee or two, you will feel cooled off and comfortable in no time.