In a sea full of rappers all tending to sound like the “trap music” of the south is a Cleveland based artist determined to give us the music we so desperately need. It’s not just good music, but good content as well.

From intro to outro and every sample in between “4 the Luv” EP is a combination of intellectual lyrics, base dropping beats, and is somewhat reminiscent of 90’s hip hop.

The 14 song EP draws you in with a soulful ballad featuring Shea Doll (I ain’t mad) that sets the tone for what is sure to get you vibing and singing along.

With upbeat tracks like “Stupid Flow” that will leave you bobbing your head to “Faith” a song that motivates and challenges simultaneously.

Summaz has been able to do what so many have attempted to but fell short. In one project you get love, darkness, motivation, and a reality check. From the minute you hit play you’ll want to hear more!

After listening to “ 4 the Luv” I am forever a fan and can only anticipate how Scott Summaz will be leaving his stamp on the world one verse or dope beat at a time.