Independent Artist Promotion that is affordable, genuine and effective

Independent Artist looking for promotion we would like to say thank you again for you interest in being an aborigine! We have 3 packages for artist to choose from

Article and 2 Links 

  • We will expose you to our following with a personalized article.
  • Your article can include 2 links for our following to access your art. (Soundcloud, Tumblr, Website etc)
  • We will shoutout your article once a week on our Twitter page @AlwaysBeOG.

Article+Interview and 4 Links 

Independent Artist Promotion
  • Everything that is included in the first package.
  • We will call you and set up a interview to create a sincere and meaningful write up that you can promote to your fans to increase brand awareness.
  • Your article can include 4 links so all of our fellow aborigines can hear/see/read your art!
  • We will shoutout your article three times a week on our Twitter page @AlwaysBeOG

Website Takeover 

  • Everything included in the previous two packages
  • Your custom art will be on our home page for 2 weeks
  • You will have your own tab on the website so our aborigines will see you first!
  • We will promote your upcoming project for a month and help increase your impressions on social media
  • You will receive an ABOG T-Shirt to be apart of the community for life.

We have been around since 2014 we have a great relationship with some of the best music lovers all over the world this independent artist promotion is like any other! If you have any further questions we are right here to any of your question or you can email us at [email protected]

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