Michael Minter: “Original Master of Artistry”

“The Art By Mike”

Michael Minter AKA “Big Mike”: “Original Master of Artistry”

In this webisode, ABOG interviews artist Michael Minter in his current town of Mount Sterling, Kentucky which is a far way from his native Springfield, Ohio and a really far stretch from his “Stomping Grounds” Miami Beach, Fl. most popularly known as “South Beach”.

It was in South Beach where Michael Minter AKA “Big Mike” made a name for himself in the entertainment arena as the host of Krib TV’s “The Big Mike Show” where he showcased countless up and coming and well-known music artists. Through this show. “Big Mike” not only made a name for himself as a “Mover & Shaker” of the South Beach music culture, but was instrumental in breaking the careers and rubbing elbows with top artists in the music business including the likes of Rick Ross, and Dice Won to name a few! Big Mike is also an accomplished Rapper who has released his own music here on SoundClick.

Michael’s true passion and talents reside in his artwork, which was inspired through the guidance of his Mother and Grandmother. We caught up with Michael in Mt Sterling, Kentucky where he took refuge to work on his art in a totally odd and comfort-zone shaken-up environment. Michael is also involved with such social issues as homelessness and drug addiction in which he is passionate about spreading the word on why it is important to tackle these issues to make a better world.

ABOG: Michael welcome to this special edition of alwaysbeog.com that focusses on Original Artistry. Tell us your background in art and what it is that inspires you to create?

Michael Minter: First and most important, my mother, aunt, grandmother, and family gave me the energy to emerge this way. The struggles of real life, hood life, my mother, aunt, and grandmother did the best they could to raise us four boys. We didn’t have what the Jones had, we had soup between the four of us. They made sure we had a meal all the time! The cold nights at times, the death of my grandmother and seeing her laying there in the “ ICU” Passing away,  it’s so much to talk about, but through them, my talent was created. Just them being queens, gave me life. my family inspires me.

Michael Minter

ABOG: You grew up in Springfield, Ohio, tell us what it was like growing up in the Inner-City How did it impact you as a child and how has it helped shape the person you are now?

Michael Minter: The city of Springfield is the home of some great people, so much talent unnoticed, so many haters that won’t work together to just build a strong foundation, but yet the city is also the home of some of the most beautiful hearts on earth. Growing up there was truly like a movie. Death, drugs, church, homelessness, a place like all others except it has its own twist. Ballers, steppers, them who can cook, people who make the city shake with goodness, “yes it is bad at times”, but what city isn’t? I love the “Field”, I always will, the city shows in my art.

You were raised mainly under the guidance of your Grand Mother, Mother, and Aunt,  how did that affect your adolescent life and who were some of the “Positive” male “Role Models” in your life?

Michael Minter: My grandmother, mother, and aunt, showed me love. I fell short of it though, as I lost my “Grands” at an early age. My mother and aunt still feel my heart to this day. The positive male role models in my life from the beginning were my brothers and cousins, can’t just name one, I love all mines. They each gave me life as I am showing it through my visions with painting and artwork.

What thought process dominates your mind when embarking on a project?

Michael Minter: What’s going on in the world, why we don’t really have a hero, why it seems we are all alone in this struggle. The world is hurting, so I hope my art can help someone in need. Someone with tears, someone with pain, someone alone in the dark,  that someone who resides in all of us. “I love the world, I’m global”.

You take a different approach to art when creating, we notice that most of your artwork incorporates not only natural materials such as wood, stone, dirt and other tenants, but also plastic, glass, figures, masks, and even mannequins. What was the inspiration behind this concept?

Michael Minter: Trash! See, what people don’t want is what I use. What people see as garbage, I see as a picture. If we look at ourselves, people who have it better than us, treat us this way. We’re garbage to them, but not to ourselves. We’re not to be thrown away, we’re not to be left in the dark without a light. We are worth the same as the heads on the coin. Just because we’re the tails on the coin, doesn’t me we won’t spend also. [ Equal infinity ]

You also were heavily involved in the music scene ultimately with you being a host of your own show “The Big Mike Show” on Krib TV filmed on South Beach. Tells us how that came about and what you were able to accomplish being involved with a show of that magnitude? 

Michael Minter:
Living on South Beach was really an adventure. I’ve met some real names in the game. I’ve sat and had dinner with them guys you watch on TV. I’ve also had personal time with some of the “trues” in the game of media which only added to my rise as a host. I had a friend named Twig at the time, now known as Chris Hollywood Life. He lives in LA doing his thing right now as a club promoter and artist. He and I were friends on the beach, and he had the show at the time. He offered me a spot because I knew so many people and that would be good for ratings. It would only add to a good thing! At KRIB TV, he was actually the host, but the energy I brought to the platform was felt and the “Higher Ups” gave me a chance to host it. The story goes further than that, but this about sums it up. I knew the beach very well, I also struggled on that beach. The homeless were my friends, I never looked at anyone different,  to me we are all equal in the dirt. The show loved me, and I loved the show. With the artist I met, I allowed them the chance to grow. “As some did”. The show was also instrumental in launching my career as a local “Celebrity” of sorts.

Besides art and music, you are involved in matters of Social and Economic concern. What are some of the issues affecting society are you passionately involved in, and what were the factors that impacted your decision to become involved?

Michael Minter: As of now, I’m a supporter of the world. I tried to be connected to certain causes I had a passion for by offering my help, yet I wasn’t able to meet the requirements or “Certain Standards” of some. I still socialize with those who are hurting from time to time. The voices of pain should be heard by all, yet they aren’t. When you see someone sleeping at the wheel going about a hundred, or someone falling on the floor right in front of you from just popping that arm, or when you see a good friend laying on the ground with lasers pointed at his body from the cops ready to shoot him to death, or being blamed for someone doing that lame stuff when you were only trying to be help? It really takes a hold on your heart for the next one in need that comes your way! “You learn from others”.

Michael Minter

ABOG: People would be surprised to know?

Michael Minter: I’ve actually kicked it with Rick Ross, Special Ed, Micky Rourke, Shemar Moore, George Duke, Trick Daddy, Dwayne (Heywood Nelson) from what’s happening, and so many others

What projects and events are currently in the making for you?

Michael Minter: I’m focusing on my own brand which is called “Minding”!  This brand is for all of us. Its purpose is to give everyone a voice, to heal hearts, to say thank you for being yourselves…..”Minding your own”, lets you be free.

What advice would you give aspiring artists who are considering this path?

Michael Minter: Never ever think twice about yourself, never let anyone make you feel less than you are, give yourself praise every day, even for the smallest things you do! Be “you” against the grain. You’re not like everyone else, you are unique. Settle for nothing short of a victory! Rise when your eyes open, the sun and the day are free for you to be as you should be. Stop at nothing, and you will gain something………FACTS!

The entire team here at ABOG salutes Michael Minter in his movement, accomplishments, and commitment to be a true “Original Master of Artistry”!

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