Leave Malia Obama Alone

            Imagine being the oldest daughter of the most powerful person on the planet. Everything you do is on camera and the world is sitting there ready to judge you for what you do, don’t do, wear, eat, etc.

Malia Obama       A few weeks ago a freshly 18 year old Malia Obama was spotted at Lollapalooza, a huge music festival that takes place every year. She was already being scrutinized by Republicans for skipping the Democratic National Convention last week. That in itself was a problem for no real reason. She wasn’t going to speak and if she was there, she most likely wouldn’t have been on camera.

The bigger story now making its rounds is that videos of Malia are now circulating, showing the 18 year girl…being an 18 year old girl.

Malia Obama was spotted partying and enjoying a set the concert. She got recognized, because that’s what happens when you’re the child of a president. Instead of shying away from the attention, she fed into it. She started dancing and lifted up her dress a little bit.

Of course people had a field day with it, claiming that she was twerking and what not. Now, I’ve seen a lot of twerkers in my day. That wasn’t twerking. Not even close that was more like a white girl going to her first black people party.  Image result for malia obama lollapalooza

What it was, was a black girl being carefree. Bruh, she’s 18. She can literally go anywhere in the world that she wants on Air Force One. If she wants to go party with some friends and shake her butt a little bit, she’s free to do so. She’s out there spreading her black girl magic and you gonna like it whether you want to or not.


Watch the video below and leave your thoughts!