Im just trying to prove my parents wrong I’m trying to tell them, “Baby one song and we can be out of here thats all it takes.” Now we making more than Doctors, lawyers and nurses all that. Just one song….

BaariBoy– What are your goals for 2016?


JBLVD in the studio

JBlvd– 2016… I wanna put out a whole bunch of music you feel me? I just want to completely submerge myself in just music. I want be oozing out music I want the best JBlvd that could ever come out to come out this year. I want to do 100 videos…. I just wanna work. 

Baariboy– Besides music, do you have any other forms of art that you are passionate about?

JBlvd – I started falling in love with photography. Im always in front of the camera, Im really starting to like being behind the camera because I started seeing things I haven’t seen before. Its like now I can see myself in front of the camera but I’m behind the camera. I really like photography. 

BaariBoy – When we listened to your tracks, we couldn’t help but notice you have a very distinctive voice. Would you ever consider becoming a singer and possibly making music in different genres? 

JBlvd – I personally dont feel like I could sing but I can hold a note. If I could sing tho I would say fuck rap I would go with R&B and sing my way to the top but thats just me. 

BaariBoy– Out of the all the songs you released which song is your favorite? 

JBlvd – I would actually have to say Fashion Killa. I just like the way did dat on the song. I have alot of hard songs but I didn’t know I could that to a song. I say Fashion Killa, thats like a ladies song thats how you know its different. I could of picked some gritty shit like Adidas when I was mad at everybody. (laughs) 

BaariBoy– Are you expecting to release any projects this year?

JBlvd– I have whole bunch of projects… Like I told you I’m trying to work. Im going to release a mixtape just because I want to. I have a project ZFB mixtape we working on, I have mixtape I’m working on with RED. Im just working. Im just going to put a lot stuff out because I feel like if you want people to respect you as an artist, “Just work”. So that’s what I’m doing I’m working. 

BaariBoy– Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to vibe with us. The last question of the day is, How do you want be remembered when it’s all said and done? 

JBlvd – I want to be legendary. I just want to be legendary point blank period. This how I feel, I want to be great. Dont get me wrong, I dont want all that fame like when the illuminati tries to bite on your ear type shit, I just wanna be great. I want to be the King that came from where am I right now and just took off like “woah, this kid really did it.’ Yea I did that. To me thats legendary. I have to do something with my life… nobody in my family was born in the states before me… So I’m legendary already. Now its time to take it to the next level