Introducing THA MAWB 


It is very common to overlook the key elements of what makes a project classic.

instagram1000X1000A great project is more than just dope beats, catchy hooks or sellable artist. Lets not forget the foundation of what makes an album or a mixtape classic: the artwork.


We are proud to introduce Miana, leader of THA MAWB. Miana is a visual artist and the true definition of OG. She is a very talented artist that has worked with many acts in Atlanta providing them with Artwork that gives their projects that extra level of originality that only true Aborigines could appreciate. THA MAWB stands for family. Every project that they work on is more like a intricate collaboration with their family unlike the typical process of working with a client. THA MAWB’s specialty is Hip Hop but they love working with artist from all genre’s. Here at the ABOG headquarters we were amazed by their work and wanted to showcase their talents. If you would like for THE MAWB to create a visual for your next project, you can contact them on twitter at @_RESPECTTHAMAWB