His name is Alexander Ruffin but he is also known as “Water”. The inspiration behind his masterpieces comes from what he has seen personally while growing up in the Philadelphia neighborhoods. Additionally, topics of mental health, police protests, and current black social issues. Water is a mixed media artist that is making his mark in the art industry and surely leaving a memorable impression. 

His pieces spark emotion that can feel serene at one moment then triggering the next. Recently, a painting by him went viral. The powerful painting reads the words “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN.” After he released the piece, he took to IG to share, “The mission never changes. Just a new task comes ahead. Live and Die for the family and always protect the Queen. This is probably my personal favorite piece to date… The elegance mixed with violence grabs my soul with pain… I’m honestly in love… Where’s The Water?” Please Take a look at Water’s work and let them guide you through a journey of emotion and Life. Also, take a look at his anxiety pillow he released early last month. The first drop of the Signed Limited Edition pillows sold out in the first 15 hours of the release! So he is surely someone who is spreading and gaining some notoriety quickly!

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