If you’re not up on what Arian Foster, the former Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins running back who has been out of the NFL since 2016, is doing these days, here’s a quick update: He’s a rapper now, and when he’s not making music, he’s giving out scorching hot takes surrounding Tupac Shakur.

Foster, who loves Tupac so much he named his debut album “Flamingo & Koval” after the intersection where ‘Pac was shot, appeared on “The Red Pill Podcast” with Van Lathan to say that Tupac’s music wasn’t really all that deep.

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“‘Pac is my favorite artist of all time. But to pretend that his music was just out of this world intellectually deep…it’s just dishonest,” Foster said to an incredulous Lathan.

“You’re bugging!” Lathan said back to Foster, before joking that Foster’s take on ‘Pac was the result of early onset CTE.

Foster went on to say that too many ‘Pac fans conflate who the California native was as an artist with who he was a person, and that they need to stop doing that. Foster may want to go into hibernation for a little while before an angry mob of Tupac fans show up at his doorstep with actual pitchforks.

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