Featured Artist Of The Week: SPYDAWEB

19, Multi-genre independent artist with a pop focus. Over 50,000 all-time streams on Spotify. 10k streams on his song Get A Life in only 1 month! Lets all hop on this musical web. 🕸🕷

SPYDAWEB was Born in Denton,Texas and Raised in Oklahoma. He uses his music as an outlet to spread awareness on the feelings we all may have when we feel completely alone, and aim to let everyone know there’s someone on your side, and we are all in it together.

Being Plagued with mental barriers, Heartbreak, Addiction, and Insecurity, is never easy but he’s learning to overcome these more everyday .

Currently SPYDAWEB is finishing up an album called DEAD ON ARRIVAL, Featuring Karmaa, Dontay, B-Twice . Be on the lookout for his fire new release coming soon !