Charlotte, NC The “Queen City” has birthed many sons, but none quite compares to Original Producer: Michael Warlick P.K.A. “Slim Hood” Slim has made a name for himself as one of the hottest new producers in the music industry and although he’s done so in a relative short period of time, the path to his success was paved with obstacles he was determined to overcome to become his best at his craft!

#Itsjustwork You may have seen the hashtags floating around social media, there to indicate that no matter how hard it may get, or how high you achieve, it’s all a part of the grind. This exemplifies Slim Hood, one of Charlotte, NC’s most prominent producers, and his brand, Platinum Plus
Recording, who have set out to make their hometown, the next hotbed for hip-hop and R&B artists.

Born March 16, 1987, in Charlotte, NC, Michael Warlick, p/k/a “Slim Hood,”
knew music was his destiny at an early age. Michael became highly
influenced by the music his parents listened to, especially his father, who
would play all kinds of music for Michael and his brother, on their many
road trips. This gave Michael time to digest music on a deeper level, and
was the motivation behind his pursuit to learn more about the art. In an
attempt to get a feel for what it was like to actually make music, Michael
joined his school’s band and began playing the trombone. This gave him a
sound structure and helped build his understanding of music theory and

ABOG: How did the name “Slim Hood” Come about?

Slim Hood: It was given to me by my friend “Lil Mike” from Baltimore who had a cuz name slim also and I needed to decipher the two  

ABOG: Who are your favorite Producers currently making moves in the Industry?

Slim Hood: zaytoven ,The” Council704”, and forever “Dr Dre”

ABOG: How has your movement impacted the “Queen City”?

Slim Hood: Before my studio opened, you could not record at 2,3 am or if you’re just leaving the club and catch a vibe. I brought the “Heat” to Charlotte on a consistent bases, I am also on The Executive Board of The “Coalition Djs Carolina”, helping them reach artist and build a grass roots following for them to tap into.

ABOG: Who if any Artists do you listen to or follow?

Slim Hood:

MoneyMan, Future, Shedezzy, Jaegee, P Frank, Da Baby, Lil Shaq and

Mel Silas

ABOG: Where do you think the direction of music making is headed in the future?

Slim Hood: I believe it will continue to a “Free Market” yet it will also be structured to help and benefit the artist depending how bad they it, and if they’re willing to put in the work”.  

ABOG: What advice would you give aspiring Producers who are pursuing music as a career?

Slim Hood: “Work your ass off, think about the long game and CONSISTENCY”.

ABOG: What do you do when not in the studio making beats?


ABOG: What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far?

Slim Hood: “Not Going Back to Prison Like The SYSTEM says we have to. I BEAT THE ODDS DAILY and wanna help more people learn the skill”.