NiTROGETLiVE was born in Bronx, NY 1991 as Nico.

When NiTRO was young he traveled with his family to central Florida, this is where he would be raised. As a kid he got into sports playing softball, baseball, basketball, and football. In school NiTRO excelled in math and even was on a math team in elementary school. By the time he reached 14 his passion for music came to an all time high as he was introduced to a program where he could record himself rapping. At this time he didn’t have a rap name yet, it wasn’t until he randomly changed his name to NiTRO on Myspace one day hoping it would stick, and it did.

His love for rapping grew so much he use to skip school just to stay home and rap. After 11th grade NiTRO dropped out of school and eventually went to Jacksonville Jobcorps Center to receive his G.E.D. at the age of 18. Not only did he do that, he also came in 1st place with a friend of his in the Jobcorps talent show earning him $50. At that point NiTRO knew music was for him. In 2012 he dropped a project with his close friend HYPE titled “Rellos Wraps N More.” After that project NiTRO was introduced to a program called Fruity Loops. He then started playing with the program and found it fun to try and make beats. He began to take it more serious and as 2014-2015 approached, he started selling beats for extremely low prices to get his name out there. 

In 2015 he released a Project titled “NiTRO CiRCUS” and had a few songs he produced 

himself on it. This was only the beginning for him as he continued to sell beats and work minimum wage jobs to get by. In the Fall of 2015 he started college and wanted to let the world know by creating the “Back 2 Skool EP.” Released in april of 2016 this EP captures his energy and how he has matured being that he was 24 at the time of the release. In April 2017 NiTRO Released his first self-produced album titled “Feeling Myself” It is now available at all digital retailers!






Check out his Music Video ” Throw Shade/ This Finna Be a Breeze”