Featured Artist Of The Week: Maximilian

Maximilian was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He started music with his best friend Jordan and they would use the T-Pain Smule Application on their iPhones. They then upgraded to using Garageband and when Jordan moved he started to learn how to do his own music without asking anybody for help.  Maximilian is a Psychology Major and he just recently studied audio engineering at SAE Expression In Emeryville. He had perfect attendance and 4.0 GPA until he started to get off track and ended up in a hospital being 5150’d by having a mental health disorder known as Bipolar 1. When he was having his manic episodes a lot of music was flowing out of him. He is sitting on many albums at this point and he plans on releasing projects monthly. You can find his music on Apple Music or Spotify and SoundCloud under Max The Local. He is also on every other platform. Maximilian is also a twitch streamer, so you can follow him on Twitch and on his other platform Soundcloud.