On August 6, Farah was born in Riverside, CA.

She began singing at the tender age of 6. “I enjoyed performing so much, I’d love to put shows on for my grandma and she’d watch me for hours.” She began performing for family reunions and building her confidence.


As she grew up she began recording and developing her sound.

“I started songwriting and learning about finding producers.”

She developed a fan base online and then took it to youtube which got her over 600,000 views on one cover video she did, but she wanted to start making music again she dropped her single “Are You” which is has a updated R&B sound to it and she’s trying to find the one. This new sound is sultry, it’s still got a updated flow to it with a hint of trap to it. Next up, is her EP titled “XELF” which is dropped .

Farah is now she released “XELF” which was very successful. She has dropped single’s such as “LIT” “LOVE” & her self titled single “XELF” which did good. She just dropped her newest video “LOVE” on Youtube and she will be following up with “ICY” & then “LMK”. Now, she is going to be performing all year & continuing making a name for herself

Check out Farah’s new single “You Aint Ready”