Nana Araj: Featured Artist of the Week

Nana Araj

Nana Araj is 22 years old and is one of the new breed of UK based upcoming artist who blends Hip Hop, R&B and Drill. She has been inspired by Ms Banks’s music since in her late teen years. She loves her melodic rap and inspires her as a black woman to believe in her voice. Nana also loves listening to Big Latto. 
Nana started songwriting and poetry at the age of 12 and rapping four years later. She already feels confident with her flow and has developed a unique style, combining melody and rap. She currently studies Music Industry Practice degree at ACM London University. 
She is a prolific writer and creative. Previously, she has worked with Elde, the artist where she supported her on her ‘Metaphoric State of Mind’ album tour, based at Notting Hill Arts Club, London in July 2019. She sites this as a great learning experience. Nana also had ‘Heartbreak’ released featuring another artist Country Girl in October 2019. 
In February 2021, she released ‘You’re A Bad Bunny’ and ‘Passionate’ in December 2021. Her latest single ‘Passionate’ is inspiring as she express her passion for life and empowers other women to believe in their passion. This helped to gain higher streams on Spotify and majority of her target audience for this song is women since it is inspirational. Check out her latest single single “Passionate”