Featured Artist: Jeh $inatra #ABOGAPPROVED

Jeh Sinatra

Jeh Sinatra’s introduction to rapping and creating music started with his older brother whose is also rapper himself. Experimenting, he picked up a pen and a pad and wrote his first rap and spit it over the Dj Khaled “Brown Paper Bag” beat and from there  has been rapping for 10+ years now. His sound has been compared to an earlier Jay-Z . With Jeh Sinatra being from Syracuse, N.Y artist such as HOV has had an influence on his sound. Jeh $inatra  stated, ‘I would say my sound or particular brand of hip-hop definitely leans more so into the conscious spectrum, focusing more so on lyricism and bars over catchy beats and melodic flows.’ Jeh Sinatra prides himself on his ability to not only tell a story but to capture the listeners attention with punchlines and metaphors. He has been lucky enough to work with numerous indie artists here in Florida and across the country plus share the stage with a few of them. Through his independently owned record label Broken Hearts Music Group, LLC and his company Forever’ 86 Inc, Jeh $inatra has successfully released two albums, one ep, and singles to date to all major streaming platforms. He is currently heading his newest venture FOR3VER On Media ™️, a multimedia company delivering content in the likes of photography, videography, digital media & more. All in all, his goal with music is to be remembered for giving the world timeless music and a legacy that will precede me and one I can be proud of. Follow Jeh $inatra on IG & Twitter @JehSinatra. Take a listen to his music below exclusively though Spotify.