Now Reading: Ex-Friend Files: Kandi Says She’ll Never Have A Conversation With ‘So Spiteful’ Phaedra Parks—‘I Don’t Owe Her S—t’


Ex-Friend Files: Kandi Says She’ll Never Have A Conversation With ‘So Spiteful’ Phaedra Parks—‘I Don’t Owe Her S—t’

August 17, 20234 min read


Sorry, fans! A closure conversation is STILL out of the question for a Real Housewife of Atlanta and her former friend.

Kandi Burruss x Phaedra Parks

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Kandi Burruss recently doubled down on never speaking to Phaedra Parks again after their turbulent fallout in #RHOA season 9.

The Old Lady Gang restaurateur was recently asked to comment on possibly having a sit down with Parks whom she parted ways with after it was revealed that she spread a false dungeon drugging rumor centered around Kandi, Todd Tucker, and Porsha Williams.

The topic was recently broached on Carlos King’s Reality With The King podcast when the former #RHOA producer said the “show was ruined” after fans were “robbed “of a Phaedra and Kandi conversation after the dust settled.

“It’s been years, they should’ve sat down,” agreed King’s guest NeNe Leakes.

Despite King and Leakes’ comments, Kandi said that it will absolutely never happen.

On Sunday’s episode of Kandi’s Speak On It YouTube series, she chatted with @TheyLuvJayyy of Urban Soul Suite about the notion that Real Housewives fans were robbed of a Kandi/Phaedra conversation and she didn’t hold back.

“I don’t owe her s***, and I will say that to anybody!” said Kandi. “Not a mother***** thing. I don’t owe her s***. She will never get s*** from me.”

“Now all of a sudden you think I owe her a conversation, for what?!” added Kandi referring toNeNe.

She then went on to reference the moment when Porsha exposed her friend for telling her the rumor at the season 9 reunion. Specifically, the housewife said; “I was served a cease and desist by Kandi, and I no longer can speak on the subject. What I want to do is have Phaedra speak because she’s the one who told me that Kandi said that.”


"Unnecessary Trouble " Video Debut Party

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“It’s like y’all be forgetting or something,” said Kandi on Speak On It. “I don’t forget especially not in this situation, Yall don’t remember Porsha sitting there and saying, ‘No, you [Phaedra] told me that Kandi told you that out her own mouth?’”

““You can’t defend yourselves against blatant liars or people who are so spiteful that [they] would make up anything to tear you down and then hide,” she continued while noting that serious accusations like the ones spread about her “have totally ruined some people.”


She continued,

“Now, thank God that I was able to turn the situation around and it didn’t ruin me.”


G. Garvin Live

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That’s not all, however, she went on to allege that the lawyer concocted a way to stop the approval of her liquor license for a restaurant opening.

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