Elegant Ladies Bags: A Queen Lifestyle for You!


Do you know what the difference between a Queen and an ordinary woman is? An ordinary woman just has less idea how to shop and buy things such as clothes, hand bags and jewelry etc smartly, which can really make her a queen in public. Do you want to get a handbag which can make you a princess in public and hold it like a queen? You’re definitely at the right place. Days are gone when ladies used to carry very huge bags just replicating a mini trolley bag or suitcase.  Now you cannot count even on your fingers the variety is available in market. Huge shops and multiple story outlets showcase fascinating and eye catching view to ladies roaming around. Handbags are triggers to highlight the personality of a lady carrying it.

How many handbags girls have? Be honest it cannot be guess that how many a girl keep in her collection.  But there are few types that are a must to hold for every occasion and that go with every style.  What they are? Check those out and see what you need more to complete your stock.

1.        Sports Bag

Ladies Bags

This is so suitable for those who go to gym or for running and jogging on daily basis. Small towel, exercise shoes, water bottle and gym suits can be placed in it to carry easily. It is convenient to manage and maintain gym essentials at one place.

2.        Duffel Bags


These are bags for travelling purpose but not on a heavy count. These are suitable for one night travel and stay. They can help in short and in some cases immediate trips. They are definitely stylish and smart to carry and can be place in a small place with all necessary stuff.


3.     Majestic Pillow Clutch

 Ladies Bags

Do you really want to look like a queen? Majestic Pillow Clutch is really for you.

It can go with every type of outfit and normal in size. This bag makes you a princess instantly as well as is perfectly awesome for keeping things for daily use like cash wallet, glasses and small stuff like this. It can be used for casual use like dinners, visiting someone, dates or some casual events.


Ladies Bags

4.        Cross bag


Cross bag can be used both as simply hanging on one shoulder or crossing on your body by placing it at your waist. They are used for hanging out with friends or family. They are a little uncomfortable so they are only for day time meet ups and cash wallets, mobile and keys type of little stuff can be carried in it.






5.        Envelope Bags


These are bags that when flipped turn into a shape like envelope. They are smart to carry in hand at your arm side.  These are for formal use like night parties and dinners. They add a classy look to personality.


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