Lil Durk has had a grip on the rap game this year. Since teaming up with Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later,” he’s been on one hell of a run that’s earned him as much recognition as dollars. This week, he celebrates his 29th birthday. Fans have been offering their wishes, as well as his peers and friends in the rap game.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Drake hit the ‘Gram with some special wishes for his “In The Bible” collaborator. Drake nabbed a photo of Durk, penning a heartfelt note to someone who he considers a “real friend.”

“Love u boy we really built some shit for life I appreciate you just checking on me and being a real friend,” he wrote. “Today it’s MORE LIFE only the family forever @lildurk.”

Interestingly enough, Drake’s birthday lands five days after Durk’s on October 24th. 

Durk’s receiving love for his birthday but he’s also making sure to spread it, as well. The rapper’s Neighborhood Heroes foundation announced that they’ve partnered with A&S Beverages for Durk’s Birthday Giveback which aims to help people living with a disability offset the costs of “support services and/or therapeutic tools that a medical provider does not cover.”

Check out more information on Durk’s Birthday Giveback below. 

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