Rayana Jay is a 23-year-old R&B/soul singer-songwriter originally from Richmond, CA. “Love Rayana”


Using velvet smooth vocals and airy harmonies, Rayana Jay’s music carries a confessional, old-soul storytelling nature rooted in honesty. From love and heartbreak to womanhood and self-discovery, Jay’s music is a reflection of her innermost thoughts and feelings at all times. The Bay Area born singer’s influences span from Organized Noize, all the way to the raw emotions of Amy Winehouse and sultry tones of Anita Baker.

LoveJay began singing in the choir at ten years old and recorded her first professional song in the summer of 2012. She grew up with her grandmother, who introduced her to classic singers like Johnny “Guitar” Watson, along with her mom who worked at a record label in the 90s. Rayana Jay’s acclaimed debut EP, Sorry About Last Night, dropped in the Fall of 2016 and serves as a proper introduction to her penmanship, relationships, and changing world. Just 23 years old, Jay springs from a productive tribe of young Bay Area hip-hop and R&B artists, counting among her peers 1-O.A.K., P-Lo, Iamsu!, Drew Banga, Mikos Da Gawd, Jay Ant and more. When that much talent has your back, you know you’re doing something right. And there’s this: every friend who I’ve introduced to Jay’s music has become a diehard fan.


Rayana Jay aspires to make the word a better place without those great mentors that became before she may have not had the same love for the music. Only the love of the art can truly prove how original we are to ourselves and also the game. Love the music and please “Love Rayana”


Listen to her brand new EP “Love, Rayana” DopeOrNope?