Dawson: The Overnight Twitter Celebrity 

One can say that Twitter is like the American Dream we have seen countless times regular accounts say some simple shit but there is a dynamic that makes it go viral. 

This week is no different meet Dawson aka @djh1208

So basically this kid didn’t tweet for 6 year until 2 days ago when Tim aka @ImReeeK tried to call him out for sayin nigga 

Dawson wasn’t having that shit and quickly replied back as if he was just waiting 6 years for the day for someone to test his gangsta 

This tweet was made on November 25th 2019. Within 2 days Dawson has received over 42.1k Retweets and went from a thousand followers to 15.2k followers basically overnight! 

This was Dawson account on November 25th only hours after his Reply 

And here is his account only 2 days later

I think we are all wondering the same thing…

What does Dawson look like today!