• June 30, 2018By Baariboy

    Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Felecia Nichole Tunstall musically known as T Barz realized her gift of writing in 2009 when she started writing poems which turned into spoken word that she performed at local functions. Within the past 5 years Barz has gotten more in tuned with turning her spoken words into musical

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  • March 4, 2018By Baariboy

    Bio: “I take this music very seriously but frankly I don’t care about or care to have a biography, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and I make music for fun and really don’t give a fuck about anything else.” AlwaysBeOG

  • February 24, 2018By Baariboy

    In a time of age where drugs are glamorized Xanax effects hit the scene and made an impact on pop culture.   As you may know Xanax also known as Alprazolam, It is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. This drug has been abused heavily by rappers, singers and teenagers alike. Xanax is highly addictive but is now becoming

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    If you’re feeling stuck in a repetitive blur of everyday life, NYC old-school punk-rockers The Tracys new single and music video “People Scare Me” will jolt you awake with a blast of sonic power. The single comes with a darkly alluding and paranoiac music video, that will leave you looking over your shoulder when you’re next traveling

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    Rayana Jay is a 23-year-old R&B/soul singer-songwriter originally from Richmond, CA. “Love Rayana” Using velvet smooth vocals and airy harmonies, Rayana Jay’s music carries a confessional, old-soul storytelling nature rooted in honesty. From love and heartbreak to womanhood and self-discovery, Jay’s music is a reflection of her innermost thoughts and feelings at all times. The

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    NEW YORK, NY | February 9, 2018 – Striking forth with a burst of indie-rock energy and fierce spirit, Brooklyn’s LadyChild have made a bold introduction with their debut single “Out of Breath.” Paired with a nostalgically 90’s-esque raw yet flashy video of the band rocking out, LadyChild’s debut will get you geared up and ready to join

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    Heaven Can Wait by Pete Sayke & Lonegevity #DopeOrNope AlwaysBeOG

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    Rising Hip Hop sensation and inspiring artist, Jordi Guzman aka King Slinkz has proudly announced the release of his all new album titled ‘Black Box’. The new rap album is now available on all the major music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. and it is creating a major buzz among his fans. King self-produced

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    Bambino Haze is a Chicago born, Miami based rapper/singer-songwriter and producer.   Launching his career while attending New York University, Bambino has performed at Webster Hall in the East Village- and multiple venues throughout Brooklyn, Chicago, and Miami. As a native of the city, Chicago-focused ELEVATOR Magazine produced and premiered two of Bambino’s recent videos