This week spotlight is on the one and only Bison.

Since he was young he has always loved music, his Dad used to play the banjo and harmonica which inspired him to one day become an artist himself also his mother has been in numerous img_20161004_105959bands in the 70’s. She plays the piano,and horns and is experienced in playing keyboard. When he was younger he played bass guitar. Like many artist, poetry is what got him into making Hip Hop which ultimately helped him find his voice as a teenager. Some of  influences are Public Enemy, Scarface, L.L. Cool J,  311, Will Smith, KRS One, Redman and Wu Tang. Bison makes music that is diverse, original and has meaning to it, His motto is “If you have a gift don’t squander it, follow your heart and do what you love and speak your truth, I believe music unites us all.” Check out his Album, ”Precincts Of Thought