From Beats to photo’s of the streets. 

He went from Datdude to ArrogantWatcher. 

Nonetheless the talent speaks for itself. At a young age Kadeem Cobham better know as ArrogantWatcher knew he was destined for greatness.

He started his career as a producer in  2007 and was know for showing homage through his soulful samples. In 2014 he made a decision that would better him as an artist and a business man. The transformation had begun. Kadeem went from a master of the musical realm to a brilliant story teller through his photography. His portraits are stunning and his landscaping works are so appealing to the eye they make you want to be there. He shines in the urban scene where he makes a statement with the energy he captures through his work.  

Photography became a huge staple when he bought his first camera, a Nikon D5100, after shooting with the iPhone 4S for a year prior. Watcher was eager to learn and build my style after being influenced by a wide range of Instagram photographers. It went from being a hobby to creating a new vision on the things, events, people, and places around him. He creates his style based on building his eye to see the world as his studio; encouraging himself to find minimalism as the focal point as well as using the "dirty soap" technique (dark, dirty yet clean shots) with locations and portraits; from edgy to formal.

ArrogantWatcher is one of the cofounders of ABOG and we just wanted to take the time to showcase some of his work.


If you like ArrogantWatcher’s work see more at his website