In This episode ABOG chops it up with DC Native and “Comedic Genius ”Pierre” and his journey to becoming one of the best comedians in the game. Here we explore how he’s navigated through the years and managed to keep the humor flowing!  

ABOG: Who is Pierre and from where did your Comedic Journey evolve?

Pierre: One of the hardest working comics. I write, direct, produce, finance my films, write books, do stand up, produce comedy tours, and consult. In 2000 I decided to explore of avenues of this industry and got into those aforementioned things.

ABOG: Where was you first performance as a comedian and what was the feeling afterwards?

Pierre: The Comedy Café on K Street downtown DC. I was 17 years old. The place was above a strip joint called Archibald’s. I met Martin Lawrence, Tommy Davidson, the Fat Doctor RIP and Kevin Lee. I signed up at 6pm and came back at 9pm for Open Mic Night Thursdays. I went on and killed (now I was doing of material from Rodney Dangerfield and Steven Wright with an urban mix) and I was hooked from that day on.

ABOG: At what time in life did you really realize comedy had to be the career for you?

Pierre: I was always funny. In school I was the king of “Jonin” (DC term for verbally downing a person) the older cats would pay me to “jone” on other dudes. When I was 7-8 yrs. old while growing up in Germany my mother (German) would let me perform in front of company, like a real show, people would sit around and I’d be coming in and out of the room changing outfits.

ABOG: What were some of the stumbling blocks that hindered you along the way?

Pierre: The DMV was a major stumbling block for me, no real support,. I remember in the late 80’s no one had been successful in comedy from DC, it was all about “you better get you a good government job and retire” So I heard that all the time. So in 1990 I just left after seeing Tommy and Martin having a bit of success. I remember casting directors were not sure if they could cast me in black roles because I didn’t look like the stereotypical “black man” I knew we came in all shades, but Hollywood was slow to catch up! 

ABOG: Who would you say were your major influences in comedy? Who stood out the most?

Pierre: Eddie Murphy he was all the rage when I got in the game. Many folks said I reminded them of Richard Pryor so much so I wouldn’t watch his stand up because I didn’t want to see our similarities because I’d hear it weekly. It wasn’t until about 10 years in the game when I first watched him. I met a 50 yr. old comic named Rodney Winfield (RIP) in LA when I first got there and became enamored with him so much so, I started picking up his traits and had to stop hanging around him and find my own voice.

ABOG: Of all the projects you’ve played a part in, what were your greatest? And which one or ones did you feel didn’t quite relay who Pierre was?

Pierre: My favorite projects I’ve done were my own “For Da Love of Money” and the “Slice Trilogy”. “FDLM” if I had to choose, only because it was my first I put together, all me! Many funny comics came out of that film.  I did a film with Leslie Nelsen (Naked Gun fame) called 2001 A Space Travesty. They wouldn’t let me loose, wouldn’t let me be me! I felt handcuffed throughout the making of that film, but I made the money to make FDLM so it was worth it.

ABOG: Besides Stand Up, you’ve also done quite a bit of acting. What actor have you worked with or project that you’ve done that made you feel like you finally made it to the “Big Leagues”?

Pierre: Probably my first film BAPS, I mean it was Halle Berry I was playing opposite. So I came into the game at a high level, thanks to director Robert Townsend for giving me the opportunity.

ABOG: Who out there presently would be your Idea person to perform with?

Pierre: “Work with out there presently?” Is that an acting question or stand up question? I don’t think on it, such as in a wish list, I’m honored to be in any professional production. There are some really talented performers who haven’t been discovered who you can find joy in working with and unfortunately there are some well known ones who don’t bring their A game to every production. I will always give you my A game with whatever the circumstances are.

ABOG: People would be surprised to know?

Pierre: People might be surprised to know how intelligent, down to earth and talented I am.  I only say that because it’s something I hear a lot when people get to know me. I also love to cook, paint, and box.  I read a book a month. I also have a soft spot for nice people. But I can be a major ass to those who try and bully folks.

ABOG: What advice would you give up and coming comedians of modern day?

Pierre: My advice would be to search for your voice and do comedy that’s from your personal experience so no one can copy it.

ABOG: What are some of the projects are you currently working on?

Pierre: I’ll be hosting Comedy Hypes new NEWS show, also my own podcast show PIERRE’s Podcast, releasing my Slice films, and my book “My 100 Homies and Phonies of Hollywood” on Amazon and touring strong with this Corona has calmed down. 

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ABOG salutes DC Native and “Comedic Genius” Pierre the “Original Comic” to put the Funny back in your Funny Bone!

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