5 summer 2016 Fashion Tips for Women That They Can Actually Afford

For some people, living in an organized way is dull and boring but believe me once you start getting organized in your life, you’ll feel that it’s actually fun. Clothing is obviously one of the important parts of your life especially for women as it is your outfits which make you appear attractive, exciting and appealing at all times. As 2016 has begin, we all need to know what are the new fashion tips women should be following this summer season 2016 to make themselves attractive and charming.

Before outlining 5 best summer tips for women, this won’t contain any new faFashion Tipsshion trends as they are mostly pretty expensive and not everyone can easily afford them but these fashion tips are for every women whether she does not earn in millions annually:

1.    Leather Shorts

Remember the edgy material show? You can try it out this summer and it will surely look fabulous on you.

2.    Try Out Printed Dresses

55021b0c9e482_-_0510-summer-rules-stella-mccartney-floral-deDon’t ever focus on a specific printed dress rather wear different kinds of printed dresses. However, you must try out the printed maxi versions if you’re going to some fancy party or event. Summer maxi dresses will definitely gonna rock your experience at parties just like a printed feminine frock.

3.     ‘Slip On’ Fashion

Do you remember the slip in dress from 90s? That is most probably going to be one of the most popular fashion sensations this summer season. So if sometimes you like that you should be wearing something more trendy and fashionable, try a ‘slip in’ dress.



4.   Try Some Loose Fitting Pants

Do you SP01-Women-s-Fashion-Animal-Leopard-Print-Harem-Pants-Casual-Ladies-Loose-Fit-Trousers-Full-Pantknow different names of loose fitting pants in different cultures such as harem, dhoti or slouchy? Don’t worry if you don’t know. You are totally allowed to wear them especially in the summer season when you want to stay at home. You can even wear it in public along with a soft jacket and some fancy heels.



5.    The Most Random Tip – Mix and Match

Try something you actually want, not following the fashion trends. It might be possible that what you wear may become a fashion itself. So feel free to mix and match your colors. Try out different bold colors like red, pink, back or green and light colors such as light blue and white etc.

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